Tectonic 9 - 5U

AED 729.00AED 1,024.00


Tectonic 9 - 5U

AED 729.00AED 1,024.00


Tectonic 9 - 5U

AED 729.00AED 1,024.00

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The Prime Vanquisher is all geared up to take you to the summit. This racket dons the slimmest shaft of only 6.6 mm, Li-Ning has ever devised on a badminton racket. This Head-heavy racket is available in 3 weight categories of 3U, 4U, & 5U. Li-Ning patented technologies of Wing Stabilizer, Cubic Locking, HDF Shock Absorption, et al. have been engineered to make this a powerful weapon you must have in your arsenal.

Product RangeTectonic

Player TypeAttacking

Player LevelProfessional

Weight79 grams

Balance Point310 mm

BalanceHead Heavy

Shaft FlexibilityFlexible

Racket Grip SizeS2

Maximum Racket Tension32 LBS (pounds)


Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

Tectonic 9

First Rackets Off Production

Each Tectonic 9 Racket is engraved with a unique production number. This number will be forever unique to your racket, never to be seen again on any other Tectonic 9 Racket ever.

Slim and Flexible Shaft

The Tectonic 9 racket comes with a slim and flexible shaft. At 6.6mm, it dons the slimmest shaft Li-Ning has ever put on a racket. The shaft is extremely flexible helping add power to your smashes. The shaft performance has been bolstered by UHB Shaft technology which improves the frontal bend performance.

Wing Stabilizer for Ultra-Fast Swings

The Tectonic 9 is built with stability at its core. To maximize its stability quotient, Wing Stabilizer Technology has been engineered. It not only ensures impeccable stability but also helps the racket achieve precise and smooth frame restoration. Additional benefits include the ease of playing strokes with zero air drag making way for blazing-fast swings.