Axforce 70 - 5U

AED 729.00AED 1,099.00


Axforce 70 - 5UFRESH

AED 729.00AED 1,099.00


Axforce 70 - 5U


AED 729.00AED 1,099.00

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Experience the furious power of the Li-Ning Axforce 70 - where power and precision collide for a game-changing performance. This racket boasts an advanced design featuring a Box Wing frame for reduced air drag, allowing for more efficient strikes that truly pack a punch. Crafted with a Stabilised Elastic Shaft and a Power 6.6mm soft flexible shaft, the Axforce 70 excels in both defence and precise shot execution. Its SW Head Heavy build empowers offensive shots, making it ideal for players who favour smashing and launching attacks from the rear court.

Product RangeAxforce

Player TypeAttacking

Player LevelProfessional

Weight5U (75-79 grams)

BalanceHead Heavy

Shaft FlexibilityFlexible

Racket Grip SizeG6

Maximum Racket Tension30 LBS (pounds)

MaterialCarbon Fibre

Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

Axforce 70 - Features

Wing Stabilizer

Li-Ning uses aviation technology to control frame restoration precisely and restrain shakes resulting from vibration waves. The Li-Ning Wing Stabilizer system improves anti-torsion performance and brings a quick, exact and stable second stroke

Box Wing Frame

The racket head is built with a unique box frame that reduces the drag coefficient of the racket allowing it to generate higher shuttle speeds and boost your power swings. This stabilizes the racket motion and enables the racket to directly transfer all your force forward into your shots, making them more offensive and lethal

Flexible Shaft

he shaft of the racket is forged to provide greater efficiency while flexing your smashes and defence strikes. Designed with high carbon for a tensile & flexible finish, the sleek 6.6mm shaft is optimised for better smash defence. This aids the longer bending moment and returns to boost your shot power